Back to Tokyo

I hopped onto the Shinkansen again this morning, speeding back the 894.2 km in around 4h45, which includes the little stop in Osaka. It’s an amazing technology, and such a smooth ride.

Time flies.

The tracks run through what is I guess the most populated areas of Japan, honestly it seems like one big continuous city sometimes. It’s all mixed up: residential zones, rice fields, industry, homes, canals, rivers… but very few strips that are untouched.

Well, I guess they built those tracks through the industrial zones maybe, not through the cherry blossom valleys.

I did not get a glimpse of Mr Fuji on the return, either. He must have been hiding in the clouds again. Next time.

I have two more days in Tokyo, tonight drinks with Paul and friends, tomorrow hanging out, on Monday maybe, if I’m in the mode, a day trip to Nikkō, before checking into my Airport hotel at night.

My flight back to Zurich is coming up on Tuesday morning. First #rtw cycle complete then.

I can’t believe it.