Cape Town budget

Cape Town was both incredibly cheap, and expensive. Depending on what you spend your money on.

Accommodation – on the expensive side. Even with the exchange rate being in my favor.

The only reason why I spent not too much on it is that Sven paid the apartment we stayed in fully. And it was a luxury place I would never ever ever have been able to afford.

Other things like going to the movies, eating out and drinks have been ok, and sometimes ridiculously cheap. Three movie tickets, drinks and popcorn for 200 Rand, 14 Euro. Hello?

The statistics of my spending in Cape Town are a bit off. What I did not spend in accommodation, I spent on transport. I basically paid the gas for the car on our side trips.

Cultural expenses were down – however Sven also paid a lot there, too: the tickets for the Pet Shop Boys and MCQP as well as New Year’s Eve. They’re on my debt list.

So here are this last month’s figures:

815 €  accommodation
450 €  eating out & drinks
255 €  transport
245 €  supermarkets
165 €  other expenses (phone, hair dresser, etc…)
60   €  cultural activities (entry fees, etc…)

All in all, 1990 Euro and hence clearly under budget. But only because of Sven’s generosity!

At the end of this trip I’ll try to make an overview of the budget, and extrapolate the cost for each city, eliminating these effects of friends letting me stay for free etc… to see which city did cost the most/least in each category…

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