CBD night lane walk

Something that defines Melbourne are its lanes.

Those are tiny alleys that cut across the city blocks, often full of dumpsters, sometimes just empty, but some just full of hidden gems like bars, take-aways or art!

I met up with my new Polish friend Artur, with whom I share a certain passion for dumplings. After stuffing us good, he took me on a walk through Melbourne’s lanes at night.

He was full of stories about Melbourne, its past, the architecture and the bars, as he also used to work as a city guide.

After this CBD night lane walk we ended up having cocktails at a hidden roof top bar, Goldilocks, that I would never have found, sipping cocktails and looking over the CBD.

We also headed down to the Yarra and watched the flames at the Casino, and then strolled through the endless halls of game machines, roulette tables, cheap food and more options to lose your money.

Melbourne lanes @ night