Cruise visitor

Ingrid, who is working with me for the European Union, is a true Weltenbummler. I lost track of all the trips and cruises she has done. Caribbean, up north, Canada…

And now, she’s boarding a cruise ship for a 17-day trip from Australia to New Zealand and back. She’ll be on one of the massive 2000+ boats that dock in the Sydney harbor every day, towering over the tiny brick houses.

She flew in yesterday and I picked her up at her hotel, after her 40h+ journey from Brussels, to walk through the CBD and to the harbor, with a view on the bridge and the Opera house. It was hot, but as you see, not really sunny. The weather is a bit weird lately.

In the evening we met again in Chinatown for dinner. It was a funny day, she updated me with all the news from the office, and we swapped some traveling stories.

We will not meet up in New Zealand, unfortunately. After her cruise ends in Perth, she flies back to Sydney, has a couple of days here and then hops onto another ship to sail through the South Sea, Fiji and all. Well, if you’re already down here, you might just as well….

Here’s the link to her blog.