Epic Thali

As a vegetarian, Indian food is one of my favorite, and I had some really great food experiences here in India.

The Palak Paneer, the Chana Massala, the different Nan, the curries, the Dal, the Jeera Rice, just to name a few of my favorites….

But the Rajdhani Thali Restaurant in Connaught Circle in Delhi beat it all.

Mallory and I splurged on our last day here – splurged meaning we spent 480 Rupees, or 6,20 Euro on a lunch.


But what a lunch! We were served a number of different samples of Indian cuisine… Dal, Paneer, all kinds of bread, rice, lentils, and a number of yummy Indian deserts, the best being the Jalebi, a sort of Polenta with pineapple.

It’s all you can eat, the waiters come and fill up the little cups all the time.

You have no control over how much you eat until you’re about to burst. It was epic, the best Thali ever!

Here’s the complete menu: