The world is your oyster

If you think about taking time off and going on a trip around the world, the one question on your mind is inevitably: how much will that cost…?

Reading other blogs who published their budget really helped me planning and budgeting my trip. That’s why I have decided, throughout my journey, to publish my expenses in each city.

I have spent the past weeks going through my file, a massive excel file that contains all the stats on my journey, from budget to flights, miles travelled to CO2 emissions.

Starting today I’ll share with you how much I have spent on this crazy trip.

Judging from a couple of friends who made some random guesses, it might actually be less than you think.

All my friends estimated I had spent way more money than it did cost in the end.

Of course, in order to keep the blog alive and get some traffic, I won’t reveal the final figure just yet…

Let’s keep a bit of suspense here.

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