Meet the world

I can retrace my journey on every map, or in my mind.

But I can also retrace it with the people I have met along the way, the friends I have made.

It is amazing to see how many people I have met, and how much they contributed to shape this journey.

In the end, it didn’t matter where I went, I would meet amazing people all over. And even if I was sad of having to leave after four weeks, I also was curious of the next stop, and the people I would meet there.

Thank you for sharing your tim with me, for taking me along to parties and events, for showing me your favorite spots around town, for presenting me your friends.

It’s been such an amazing ride with you.

But it’s also sad to know that there was so much more out there, people who I did not manage to meet up with, or only saw once… all the potential friendships that could have developed…

In the end, I guess, this journey is less about the places and cities I visited.

It’s about you guys.

So here’s a different map of the world, the story of my journey:

This gallery is far from complete (and it’s a randomised order, if you wonder 😉 ).

I am still going through it all, these are mostly the people I am in touch with through Facebook or other social apps. But I will keep on uploading more.

So if you’re not (yet) there, don’t be sad, I’m catching up. Message me!

I stole most of your pics from your Facebook accounts, they are public anyway, so you can’t complain (but if you’re unhappy with a pic, let me know and I’ll exchange…).

When I saw the progressing upload of these 150+ pictures into my blog database, and you guys appeared one by one, I just burst out into tears.

Thank you guys, to each and everyone of you.

You made my journey.

Thank you.

Keep in touch!