Mellow Delhi

Again, like yesterday, I had no energy for sights… I went to the beautiful Lodi Park a bit South of the center.

Surrounded by beautiful and clean tree-lined streets, there were a number of beautiful houses and nice gardens in the area. Obviously a better-off area.

The tuk-tuk let me off at one of the gates and I wandered into a lush green oasis, full of trees. Silence. No trash. Just a few people on park benches or on the well-kept grass.

I sat down on a bench and read a bit, taking in the silence and watching the chipmunks chase the birds for food…

After a short while I wandered on through the gardens, and through the three tombs of the Lodi family, an Afghan dynasty that ruled parts of northern India, Punjab and parts of Pakistan, from 1451 to 1526.

The gardens are a hotspot for morning walks for the Delhiites.

Later, I walked on to the Khan Market, a little area with a number of shops, book shops, electronics, cafés…

Again, this seems to be a spot for middle-class India. They’re well off, but not super rich, and enjoy a stroll and a little shopping spree… with a couple of expats thrown in.

I found a nice spot on a terrace in Amici Café, a small chain with Italian food – crunchy salads, pastas and pizzas. And high-speed wifi.

That’s where I spent the afternoon, till it became dark. I hopped on Delhi’s modern metro that brought me back to my hotel in no time, even though it was seriously crowded in the after-office hours.

So, in fact, not much to report on my last full day in Delhi. Just normal life. If I’d stay here for a month, this is what I would usually do.

I enjoyed India, even though it was tough. It was a true tourist visit, and a deviation from my normal pattern of staying a month in one place.

I would love to have more time and energy in Delhi, it seems to be a nice mix of India. I’d like to connect more, meet locals here, but alas I am flying out tomorrow.

On the other hand, I am relieved, this trip has cost a lot of energy, and I am looking forward to recharging my batteries in South African summer.