Out of ‘town’

Mallory and I took a short stroll out of ‘town’, from the main street with all the shops into the old part of the village, with a few houses and then mostly fields with cows, pigs and other animals, roaming around freely.

We passed a temple where a concert was held, talked to a couple of kids who inevitably followed us and tried to start a conversation with us. Endlessly, to improve their English, they claim.

However, it gets really tiresome, as the ‘conversation’ is always the same, where we come from, the nice shoes we have, etc, etc.

And will probably end in a shop.


Some mothers presented us their kids with the word ‘photo’, but we turned it down… the kid was cute, but we sure would be expected to give some money in exchange, and it would feel weird to encourage a mother to ‘sell’ her daughter, even for a cute photo.

But that aside, it was beautiful.

We walked to two other temples that were standing on the Eastern edge of the village, and I voluntarily listened to a few explanations from the local guide, who also got his tip.

Back in town, we got some fresh pineapple juice and then walked home – a tranquil evening after a tranquil day.

There isn’t really much to do or see here, except the temple, but after today I feel like I have seen them. The stroll into the countryside was relaxing though, more quiet, with a warm glow from the sunset.