Re-routed and re-stitched

Well, this trip starts with a bit of an adventure. The flight to Rio was totally overbooked, so I was re-booked on a flight via Lisbon the next morning, arriving some 10 hours later than initially.

Only a slight change in itinerary, but the compensation package was nice: 600 Euro transferred onto my card. My Round-the-world-ticket is now pretty much for free, except the miles. That’s fun money.

However it also means getting up at 4 in the morning. Not so much fun. Should arrive in Rio in the afternoon now…

The other thing that happened: I realized my one and only jeans on this trip, the one I was wearing, had a huge hole on one of the back pockets with half my butt hanging out. Great. On Day 1.

I remembered that this had happened the first time I wore it, and I had it fixed, but forgotten about it…

Until now, when I grabbed for my passport (which also I had lost and forgotten on the re-routing desk… but that’s another story that involved a Lufthansa employee running through half the airport…) and found that hole instead of my ID.

So now, I’ve just used the hotels sewing kit to fix that.

It’s 11.57 pm. Good night!



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