Rue de Londres

With only a bit over seven weeks left on this trip, before I’ll board flight LH511 from Buenos Aires to Frankfurt, it is high time to start thinking about practicalities of return.

I’ll land in Brussels on March 23rd in the afternoon. Where do I go, where do I sleep the first few weeks….? I hope I’ll start working on 1 April 2015, but I’m still in touch with Human Resources to find me a job for that date….

I tried to ignore all that pretty long, but at one point I just had to face reality.

So I have rented a little furnished apartment from mid-march on. It’s in rue de Londres in Ixelles, close to work (I guess I’ll need about five minutes to walk over) and close to one of my favorite spots, Place St. Boniface.


It’s my friend Kevin’s old place, he rented it out but it became available at the time I needed it. So without much looking around, a place came to me, and I took it.

It settles a whole lot of questions immediately. I can get all my stuff out of Sven’s garage right away, hopefully in the first day or two after arriving….

I rented it for six months. This will give me ample time to arrive back in Brussels, settle in, and start looking for something permanent. To maybe buy a place in Brussels, finally, and move into my own four walls, as we say in German.