Small world

It must have been at least 10 years since I last saw them: Robert, with whom I went to college in Bruges, and his wife Suzanne, a fellow Madonna fan.

They both are Dutch diplomats, and we stayed in touch via Facebook throughout the years, their postings to Washington D.C., various Madonna tours, and their current post in Islamabad.

I was surprised to see on their Facebook that they were in Australia too. We just missed each other in Melbourne, but we made it in Sydney.

They were seeing a concert in the opera on Friday, and after that we went for drinks in The Rock – the little bar area between the Opera house and the Harbor Bridge.

Pakistan seems to be an interesting, but tough post for them. They work six weeks, and then have two weeks off. But as they are not allowed to move freely around the country – or even the city – they used the time to travel throughout Asia.

We went to a Bavarian Beer bar, of all places. The staff is all German. Probably students on a short term work visa.

It was soo good to taste a Radler again, a shandy, as it is called here.

It was fun to catch up after all that time! And guess what: I’ll meet them again in six weeks, when they will be in Tokyo. Small world.