Melbourne photo course

After 16 months, I finally invested some time into a little photo course. Well, not only a camera course, to learn how to handle all the buttons on my Nikon, but, at the same time, a walk through Melbourne’s lanes. Entitled ‘Photographing Melbourne: A Walking Tour with a Difference! Lanes & Arcades‘, our guide was […]


Melbourne is a big city – and a small one at the same time. It is funny to see how things come full circle, within a year. So, my host Sara told me about that street artist she liked and knew through a few friends, who had an exhibition in the CBD. She showed me […]

Coin-operated artist

Walking home to the tram in the CBD, from an improvised stand-up Midsumma show by The sparrow Men late at night, there she was, a person all in white, with brushes all over her, and an unfinished painting next to her. The coin-operated artist. Absolutely motionless. How could I pass her, after reading Amanda Palmer’s […]

Classic Melbourne weekend

I started into the long Australia Day Weekend in the most classic Melbourne way, besides swimming my daily 10 laps in the Fitzroy pool. I first saw a beautiful, short Midsumma play called ‘My pet, my love‘ by Rob Gaetano. A beautiful, thoughtful ‘one-man show about fish, forgetting and the fear of dying single‘, or the […]

Perth murals

And a look back at Perth, where I discovered a great number of beautiful murals, in side streets, back alleys and parking lots. These are to be found in Wolf lane, a tiny back alley close to my home in the CDB, that’s not only great for this art, but for the various cool coffee […]

The Art of Asking

I first saw Amanda Palmer in 2007 at a concert in Berkeley, playing a couple of songs with her band, the Dresden Dolls, at Cyndi Lauper’s True Colors Tour. I was intrigued by this weird, punk-rock-meets-cabaret singer and her songs, and went right into Amoeba Records the next days to find their records. I kept following […]

Sunrise over the Taj

We got up shortly before 6, to walk over to the Taj Mahal. Our lovely Aman Homestay Guesthouse was close to the ticket counter, and we got there just in time for opening at sunrise. There was already a huge queue, but – once opened – it moved fast. We were there in time to […]

Agra Fort

If you live without a job for such a long time, you simply don’t know what day it is any more… Monday, Friday, Sunday – all the same to you. However, if you book a trip, in that case to Agra to see the Taj Mahal, you should at least check if, on the one day […]

Erotic Khajuraho

The reason to come to Khajuraho are its Hindu and Jain temples. Most temples were built some time between 950 and 1050, during the Chandella dynasty. Records suggest that there were once 85 temples, but only about 20 survived the Muslim raids and conquests, and the vegetation growing over them for centuries. What makes them […]

South Mumbai stroll

I made my first steps into India today, first with one of the young men working in the hotel. He took me to a nearby mobile phone stand and organized me an Indian SIM card. He managed to get the color photo copies of my passport and visa pages, warned me that I needed a photo and […]

Sunset at Wat Arun

The Temple of Dawn, or, by its full Thai name Wat Arun Ratchawararam Ratchawaramahawihan is a Buddhist temple – a wat – on the Thonburi bank of the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok. It’s probably Bangkok’s most photographed sight, and I had to go there, too. I first wanted to see all major temples and the […]

Wat Pho

Despite the heat and the incredible humidity, I went on a little sightseeing trip, up the river to Wat Pho, a buddhist temple next to the royal palace, famous for its huge reclining Buddha. Once I got through to the massive reclining Buddha along with dozens of other tourists, the groups dispersed in the wide area […]