Classic Melbourne weekend

I started into the long Australia Day Weekend in the most classic Melbourne way, besides swimming my daily 10 laps in the Fitzroy pool.

I first saw a beautiful, short Midsumma play called ‘My pet, my love‘ by Rob Gaetano.

A beautiful, thoughtful ‘one-man show about fish, forgetting and the fear of dying single‘, or the bigger questions of aging, death, love and life.

After that, I headed for Sircuit, where I met Kieran and Michael for a few beers, then headed over to The Peel, for a classic Melbourne gay night out.

It’s great of you want to dance to a few classics – no night without a few Madonna or Kylie tunes – or just have a chat.

They have a backyard and a few quieter areas where you do not have to scream at each other. Much appreciated.

I went back home at around 4.30 in the morning – luckily my bed is just three blocks down the road.