Fallen off

I fell of my bike, Sir St. James. My fault. I wanted to cross the street, with a whole queue of cars on the other side. I wanted to ride alongside them and then use a space and flip over to the left side of the road. Unfortunately, I got caught in the tram tracks. […] Read More

Melbourne (the return)

Few places have made a bigger impact on me than Melbourne, if any. I was drawn to this city long before I actually set foot in it, not knowing where that came from. Maybe stories from friends, articles I had read and forgotten about but had anchored the city in my subconscious mind. So when […] Read More

Mexican traffic rules

With some 20+ million people living in Mexico City, I expected traffic to be horrible. Truly horrible. Truth is, it’s not half as bad, most of the time. Just avoid the rush hours, and you’re fine. My first impression, arriving on a Sunday, ahead of the national holiday, was: there is no traffic at all. […] Read More

Discovery Park

I decided I needed to get a little bit more active, and not only just hang out in the nearest parks…. as it was already a bit too late to start a bike hinke towards West Seattle, I figured I could go to Discovery Park. Google maps indicated a 45 minute trip along the lake […] Read More

Henry the bike

And I am mobile again. At least within the confines of Capitol Hill. As of yesterday, I do have a bike again. It’s called Henry. Simply because, well, it needed a name and Henry was the first that came to mind when I rode it. My friend Daniel gave it to me for the time […] Read More

Montréal-Lachine Bixi Ride

Finally a sunny day again. Joel and I were getting ready for a ride along the Lachine canal. I first wanted to rent a real bike, but with prices of 25$ a day, I opted for a Bixi bike instead, the rental bike system in Montreal. 15$ get you a 3-day-pass, with all rides under 30 […] Read More


Lachine is a little suburb of Montréal, earlier its own city but of course long been swallowed by the spreading city. It sits along the Lac Saint-Louis, where the St. Laurence river widens to form this lake, and along the Canal that was dug to circumvent the rapids in the river. It got its name, Lachine, in […] Read More


When I first heard about Waiheke Island I thought they were talking about Hawaii. Many names here, taken over from Māori, have a hawaiian ring to me. I only recently found out that they are indeed all related. Funnily, all those polynesian micro-islands in the pacific have been discovered and settled way before the two main […] Read More

Farewell Drinks

Last night all together in Melbourne. Rajiv is already in Sydney, I head to Hobart tomorrow, Colin is off to London. It was time for drinks at the Victoria Night Market, again! And I had to say good-bye to St. James, my bike. I’ll see Michael again on my last two days in Melbourne. We […] Read More

Out of time

After one final, ultra hot day – spent at the pool, but in the shade – with temperatures reaching an amazing 44 degrees, the evening has brought the long awaited cooling down. Within an hour, temperatures dropped by 15 degrees as predicted. I was expecting something more drastic, it sounded so dramatic – but temperatures […] Read More


After a super hot day, and a splash into the pool again late in the evening, I rode my bike around Fitzroy for a final beer in the moonlight. The night was hot, thanks for Kate’s air fan I managed to sleep though. Today the program will be similar. A splash in the pool, then […] Read More