Melbourne (the return)

Few places have made a bigger impact on me than Melbourne, if any. I was drawn to this city long before I actually set foot in it, not knowing where that came from.

Maybe stories from friends, articles I had read and forgotten about but had anchored the city in my subconscious mind.

So when I decided to extend my trip to 18 months I did not have much of a doubt that I would somehow, if possible, return to Melbourne.

The funny thing is: I can’t even explain people what it is that you have to see or do there. It’s not like they have a Louvre, a Taj Mahal, an Opera House or any other world heritage that you simply have to tick off your list.

I guess it’s the overall package: the people, the places, the food, the mood. I guess you have to experience it. It’s probably a vibration, some kind of subconscious convergence…

My plan is to go swimming, enjoy the next edition of the Midsumma festival, hang our with my friends at Sircuit, dance the night away at The Peel, and volunteer at Lentils as anything, the lovely pay-as-you-want restaurant in the Abbortsford Convent.

So as I have been piecing together the last three months of this trip, I finally have found a new home in Melbourne.

I had a number of offers from friends to stay at there homes for a few days, foremost ever-generous Will, my friend Michael, and my former  Airbnb host, Kate.

I really wanted to go back and rent the same room with her again, the Fitzroy Oasis… I guess I wanted to re-create the same conditions, and relive the past, again.

Alas, life moves on, and Kate moved out of the Oasis, as she revealed to me a few months back when I mailed her to kind-of pre-reserve the room. Her landlord sold the Oasis last September and Kate moved to Fitzroy North, without Airbnb option.

Still, she immediately offered a space for me to crash, the room her parents used when they were in town. She’s such a great gal!

But, in the end, I realised I get a better deal if I look for an Airbnb place with a cheap monthly rate, than staying at friends and booking a place, but for a much higher daily rate.

So I found a spot to stay in Fitzroy/Collingwood, with Sara and Lisa, a and their dog, called Action!

It came in cheaper to book a full four weeks there, ans also provides me with some stability, as I don’t have to pack/un-pack and move every couple of days.

They have a backyard, and my favorite spots on Smith street are in walking distance. My friend Colin also volunteered to lend me St. James, my bike from last time.

So, this is where I will stay in Melbourne this time around:

I am so overjoyed to be able to go back.