Melbourne home

I think I could move to Melbourne. Maybe I should move to Melbourne. Riding my bike through the different neighborhoods, technically their own cities with post codes and all, from Fitzroy to Carlton, Brunswick to Richmond or Clifton Hill, I feel totally at home. I wish I could afford one of these beautiful wooden or brick […] Read More

Deja vu

The first few days in Melbourne feel like a total déjà vu. And of course, it is…. I am immediately familiar with everything, from my Myki card for public transport to the streets, the bars and restaurants, and hanging out at the Fitzroy pool. Somehow it feels surreal though, as if I had never left? As […] Read More


First thing I did was to get to the Fitzroy pool again. I got a membership for 10 entries, and I intend to use it. Actually I want to go there and swim every day. Hold me to it! It might not be the best pool in Melbourne – the interior of the changing room […] Read More

Melbourne (the return)

Few places have made a bigger impact on me than Melbourne, if any. I was drawn to this city long before I actually set foot in it, not knowing where that came from. Maybe stories from friends, articles I had read and forgotten about but had anchored the city in my subconscious mind. So when […] Read More

I am Fitzroy

The choice of the neighborhood you live in very much determines the whole vibe of the stay. It sets the tone, the places you discover, the people you meet… After five weeks in Melbourne I can say: I am Fitzroy. This is my area. I really like this tiny little rectangle, bordered by Nicholson and […] Read More


After a super hot day, and a splash into the pool again late in the evening, I rode my bike around Fitzroy for a final beer in the moonlight. The night was hot, thanks for Kate’s air fan I managed to sleep though. Today the program will be similar. A splash in the pool, then […] Read More

Meet St. James

I have a bike! It’s called St. James. My friend Colin has a foldable bike that he does not use at the moment, so he was so generous to lend it to me for my time here in Melbourne. Colin is a man with many talents – he’s the one who got us into Shandong […] Read More


Living next to the pool is real great. I swam 10 laps on Friday and even 15 on Saturday. It was a bit overcast first, so the pool was empty and only the swimmers were there, I had a whole lap to myself. When did that happen last time…? Then I explored Fitzroy for a […] Read More

Back to normal

The last two weeks have been pretty intense. Leaving Santiago, flying to San Francisco, meeting my friends there, flying south again, meeting Sven, Kevin and Rajiv, New Year’s Eve, then flying to Melbourne, exploring, meeting new people here… I hardly had any time to breathe or think about all that happened. Now the boys have […] Read More

True Oasis

Today, Sven and Kevin left early for their long flight back from Melbourne to Sydney to Singapore to Frankfurt to Brussels. It’ll take them about 24 hours to be home…. Rajiv and I cleaned the house and took off to our respective new homes. He is staying with a friend in Brighton, South of Melbourne […] Read More

Melbourne Discoveries

We arrived in our great St. Kilda luxury apartment on Thursday. Sven really has friends with great taste. We are in a big apartment building on one of the main streets in St. Kilda, 20 minutes walk from the beach and the main areas of St. Kilda with its shops, restaurants and bakeries. Down in […] Read More