Meet St. James

I have a bike! It’s called St. James.

My friend Colin has a foldable bike that he does not use at the moment, so he was so generous to lend it to me for my time here in Melbourne.

Colin is a man with many talents – he’s the one who got us into Shandong MaMa, and designed her logo, too.

I rode St. James back through the CBD, along a park and into Fitzroy at night.

I made it in one piece, even though my brain dictated me to go into the wrong way at every crossing. I have to concentrate all the time to remember Australia drives LEFT.

LEFT. LEFT. LEFT. It’s like a mantra to me.

So in the next weeks I will be mobile, at least for the smaller routes, it really speeds up things and you get to know the city so much better….

You need a helmet in Australia. Sensible precaution. Even if I feel that traffic here is pretty civilized.

However the helmet is a serious hurdle to the successful introduction of city rental bikes like in Paris or Brussels. There’s not much spontaneity possible if you need a helmet.

Some people leave the helmets on the bikes when they give it back. If enough people do this, the helmet issue might just solve itself…

Night time selfie with St. James
Night time selfie with St. James