True Oasis

Today, Sven and Kevin left early for their long flight back from Melbourne to Sydney to Singapore to Frankfurt to Brussels. It’ll take them about 24 hours to be home….

Rajiv and I cleaned the house and took off to our respective new homes. He is staying with a friend in Brighton, South of Melbourne centre, and looking for a job.

I took a cab to Fitzroy to meet Kate, my new host. She’s a fun, lively girl and I’ll have a great time here. The house is great. Napier street is a more quiet side street in Fitzroy, tree lined, with low brick houses.

My new home has a great inner courtyard – with goldfish in a barrel, lots of light, and even a cute little backyard. Even if the possums ate most of the avocado tree, as Kate explained…

I took off to the supermarket immediately – coming back with too much stuff as usual, but foreign supermarkets are just too tempting. Then I wandered around Fitzroy, mainly through Smith street, had lunch in a vegetarian restaurant and coffee in another, sorted my pics, then headed over to the Fitzroy pool to swim a few laps…

I’ll need to get a used bike soon I’ll be much more mobile with it….

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