Next stop: Bangkok

What can I say? Here I go again, the next stop: Bangkok! Flight 31 to Bangkok Date: 5/11/2014 Code: TG601 from HKG to BKK Airline: Thai Airways Plane: Boeing 747-400 Distance flown: 1115 Miles Duration: 2h21 Flew in a 747 again. They’re getting rare as most of them get decommissioned and replaced by newer planes. They are fun. Loud, […] Read More

Polar route

And I am off to my longest flight ever, on this trip, and beyond, beating my previous 14h record for the Frankfurt-Buenos Aires route in 2011. I’ll board a United Airlines Boeing 777 today, to fly 15h35 to Hong Kong, on a polar route that will bring me within some 70 miles of the North […] Read More

Off to Mexico City

On and on and on and on…. I’m off to Mexico City tonight. It’s an overnight flight, I leave just after 11 and arrive at 5.30 in the morning – jumping two hours back in the process. I’ll be picked up at the airport, meet my Airbnb hosts , and then probably sleep in. Here […] Read More

Home to SFO

And my time in Seattle is over, too. I am heading down to San Francisco. Flight 27 to San Francisco Date: 18/08/2014 Code: UA1698 from SEA to SFO Airline: United Airlines Plane: Boeing 737-900 Distance flown: 775 Miles Duration: 1h32 The flight was ok, I was a bit late at the airport. I’m a bit bummed […] Read More


If you want to understand Seattle, there’s a couple of names that you will come across everyday, simply because so many people work for them: Starbuck’s. Amazon. Microsoft. Nordstrom. And, of course, Boeing. Until it moved its headquarters to Chicago in 2001, Boeing was the largest company based in Seattle. Though many jobs remained in the area, […] Read More

Museum of flight

Or, as it should be called more appropriately: the American Museum of flight, or the Boeing Museum of flight. Either way, it’s a great place to visit on a rainy day in Seattle, just a 20 minute drive south. The main attraction to me was, of course, the famous Concorde. It’s one of only three in North America. […] Read More

75825 kilometers

As I really like statistics and numbers, like the longest flight, the plane models etc, I kept track of all that data on my travels. After the first trip around the globe, here are the statistics: In total I travelled 75825 kilometers, which is roughly 1.9 times the circumference of the Earth. This figure includes the flights, the […] Read More


I had a great seat with extra legroom and a window… not for free, Air New Zealand makes you pay for that privilege, but I thought for an 11 hour flight, that’s worth it… The flight was good, even though we had to wear the seatbelt a lot flying through some ultra-high and grey clouds. […] Read More

Heading east

It’s time to say good bye, Australia! It’s been fantabulous! I’m flying to New Zealand today. For more adventures! Here are the flight statistics: Flight 16 to Auckland Date: 22/02/2014 Code: ANZ124 from MEL to AKL Airline: Air New Zealand Plane: Boeing 777-300ER Distance flown: 1820 Miles Duration: 2h55 Read More

Back to Melbs

Zigzagging across Australia, it’s time to head back to Melbourne for two final days. On Saturday I’ll head back east to New Zealand for three weeks in Auckland and two weeks of driving around. It got a slightly bit rocky at one point and I saw we did quite a detour.. but all fine here. […] Read More