Future Chinese Adventures

I have a flight into Hong Kong on 15 October. Hong Kong because: a) the flight was available to get with my miles, and b) because Will, who let us stay in his apartment in Melbourne, lives close-by in a multi-million city called Jiangmen. So, pending the open Indian Visa question, I hope to get a Visa […] Read More

Viva Mexico

Mexico City here I come (soon). I am a bit early this time, but even better, as I finally had more choice, and lower prices. I booked an apartment in the Reforma area in the heart of town, close to the Bosque de Chapultepec Park, and close to the trendy areas of Roma, Zona Rosa and La […] Read More

Seattle (Part II)

Still had a gap to fill in Seattle, as I could not find an affordable central place for the whole month. After an initial 16 days with Lily, I’ll rent a car and head up north for a weekend in Vancouver, meeting Joe from Buenos Aires again, and then come back down to Seattle. I’m […] Read More

Capitol Hill

It took ages to found a place in Seattle. I was super late to book for a whole month. There was very little choice left, practically nothing in or around Capitol Hill, and the few places were either shared rooms, a couch, or a sleeping bag! I’m not kidding. A few rooms were available, but a couple […] Read More

Bookings, beaches, box-office

The last days have been perfect, I only spent time at the beach, booking stuff for my trip, and getting tix for the Film festival. By now I have a pretty good tan, just about managing to avoid a sunburn. I’m either at Banana Beach, where the waves were so enormous the other day that I […] Read More

Bonjour Montréal

And another booking completed, with airbnb and with the help of my friend Francois, whom I met back in Buenos Aires. Bonjour Montréal! I’ll be staying in Josées charming apartment in Plateau Mont-royal. It seems to be a great area and I can’t wait to discover the city. I have been to Montreal for only two […] Read More

In the heart of Tel Aviv

I finally booked my place in Tel Aviv. I was really late this time and a lot of apartments were gone or partially booked for my time there. But I found a nice, central place with Adi, and it’s close to the beach and the Yemenite Quarter, where I already stayed in 2012. I’m looking […] Read More


So far, the trip has gone remarkably well, without any incidents or accidents. Well, until Istanbul. Walking home from the hamam and the restaurant on Tuesday, I passed into my neighborhood, an area of Beyoglu that is clearly poorer, more run-down than the blocks around Istiklal street. The houses are old, some abandoned, the streets […] Read More

Train ride through Nippon

Next week, I’ll get my Japan Rail pass. I ordered it in New Zealand, as you can only acquire it from abroad. Two weeks for 330 Euros, (nearly) all trains except some few super-mega-express Shinkansen trains. But most of the high speed Shinkansen trains are covered… You just can’t beat that. So I had to […] Read More

RTW #2

I booked my second RTW ticket. I’ve been on and off the phone and Skype with the Lufthansa Round-the-world desk in Frankfurt in the past couple of days. It took a bit longer this time, but they’ve been super helpful as ever. It took more time, especially deciding where I wanted to go in Asia, […] Read More

İstanbul’a hoşgeldiniz!

It took some time to figure it out, because I have no idea about Istanbul and because there were so many offers on Airbnb. Prices varied a lot, too. Some places looked fantastic and had corresponding prices, some looked great, and the price was ok… I think I found middle ground. I’ll be there from […] Read More

5 months

Today, five months ago, I arrived in Rio de Janeiro. It seems like an eternity. Then again: it also seems like just a few days ago that I thought: wow, four months! Time is really relative, and it’s playing its tricks on me. It seems to go faster and faster, the longer I travel, after […] Read More