Future Chinese Adventures

I have a flight into Hong Kong on 15 October.

Hong Kong because:
a) the flight was available to get with my miles, and
b) because Will, who let us stay in his apartment in Melbourne, lives close-by in a multi-million city called Jiangmen.

So, pending the open Indian Visa question, I hope to get a Visa for mainland China when in Hong Kong, and visit Will.

I’m feverishly looking for a place to stay in Hong Kong on Airbnb.

The available rooms and studios are still ok, but I can’t decide what to take. A tiny studio with basically just enough space for a bed, or a bigger room, in a shared apartment?

The plan, as of now, is to stay in Hong Kong for a week, then get over to Jiangmen, and meet up with Will.

The next day, we would hop on one of these fancy new Chinese high speed trains, and catapult us the 2298 km vom Jiangmen to Beijing, in around eight hours. It is roughly the same time it would take us to an airport and on a plane, door to door.

I’m all for it, I love high speed trains and the idea of seeing a bit of the immense landscape while being on board is thrilling.

We’ll spend about five days in the capital and explore it, then head back.

I hope to stay one or two days longer in Jiangmen, as Will described it as  ‘true China’.

Then I’d head back for Hong Kong for a final few days and then board my flight to Bangkok.

I hope it will all work out as planned, especially the visa for both India and China. My passport arrived in Berlin on Thursday, so I hope I will hear from them soon.