542 days

This is a somewhat simplified graphic representation of my journey. It took 542 days, between leaving Brussels by train, to head to my parents, and landing in the European capital again, 18 months later. According to Google maps, I travelled roughly 165.850 kilometers, however the actual figure is higher due to to longer actual flight paths, […] Read More

Countdown to Brussels

There is not much going on, and I’m in a pensive mood. I hang out by the pool, swim at the gym (makes me think, quiet under water), avoid the daytime heat in Buenos Aires… And the end of the journey is so close, so I start to reflect a lot… I have no idea how […] Read More

Mornington Peninsula

Kate and I had set a day aside for a trip down the Mornington Peninsula, a long stretch of land on the East side of Port Phillip’s Bay, that is famous for its wineries, and hot springs. We drove off at 10 in the morning, heading south on the new highway, to have a first […] Read More


As every guide book recommended it, I could just not NOT do it… a day trip to Elephanta Island, and the temples that have been carved into the rocks. It’s a nice one-hour boat trip from Mumbai, the boats leave every ten minutes from the Gateway of India. It seems like a tourist destination, though […] Read More

The cost of Non-China

So, Will has cancelled all the bookings. He will go up north to inspect a factory they work with, but basically only a day trip. We came out of this non-Visa situation relatively ok. We only had to pay: – 240 RMB to cancel the train tickets – 82 USD for my room (first night plus […] Read More

The Heisenberg principle

In quantum physics, the Heisenberg principle describes the impossibility to measure both the speed and the place of any particle precisely. The more precise you are on its speed, the less precise you can say where the particle actually is. And vice versa. I discovered today that this also applies to me. My own private […] Read More

Asian update

The past days I was busy planning a bit more of the Asian leg of my journey. First, I booked a place to stay in Hong Kong. I’ll be in the Sai Ying Pun Neighborhood on Hong Kong Island. It sounded good, was affordable, and seems to be well connected with public transport. I will stay […] Read More

Future Chinese Adventures

I have a flight into Hong Kong on 15 October. Hong Kong because: a) the flight was available to get with my miles, and b) because Will, who let us stay in his apartment in Melbourne, lives close-by in a multi-million city called Jiangmen. So, pending the open Indian Visa question, I hope to get a Visa […] Read More

Home to SFO

And my time in Seattle is over, too. I am heading down to San Francisco. Flight 27 to San Francisco Date: 18/08/2014 Code: UA1698 from SEA to SFO Airline: United Airlines Plane: Boeing 737-900 Distance flown: 775 Miles Duration: 1h32 The flight was ok, I was a bit late at the airport. I’m a bit bummed […] Read More

10 months

At the end of this day, I will be on the road for exactly 10 months. It’s incredible. I am glad I keep this blog. Plus my paper journal, that gets so much more information than would (or should) ever fit into this blog. Plus I have all the pictures of my trip, organized by […] Read More

Chinese visa hassle

For a long time I wasn’t even sure I’d visit China on this trip. I could not make up my mind, but leaving it out of my itinerary seems like the trip would not be complete, after all it’s such an important country, one of the oldest civilizations on the planet. So in the end […] Read More


Every guide book we had told us not to do the trip to Princes Islands on a weekend. But we had our own mind an planning, and thought it can’t be that bad, as we’re still off season. Well. Ok, the boat was full, but not as crowded as the other ferry next to us. […] Read More