Asian update

The past days I was busy planning a bit more of the Asian leg of my journey.

First, I booked a place to stay in Hong Kong. I’ll be in the Sai Ying Pun Neighborhood on Hong Kong Island. It sounded good, was affordable, and seems to be well connected with public transport.

I will stay there for a week, a bit time to explore Hong Kong, even though more like a tourist than actually living there.

Friends told me that getting a visa for mainlined China can be arranged within a day from Hong Kong. So one hassle less on my list.

After that, I’ll head to meet will in Jiangmen. It seems I can take the ferry over, and Will will get me.

The next day, we’ll head up to Beijing in the high speed train from Guangzhou. After 8 hours we’ll arrive in Beijing, where Will has booked us a nice hotel (and a very affordable room for me) at the Imperial Courtyard.

We will stay for five days, enough to get a glimpse of the capital. Then, we might head up further north, businessman Will might have to pay a visit to a factory, some 200 kilometers from the North Korean border!

We’ll head back by train or plane, and I’ll stay a few more days in Jiangmen with them, before going back to Hong Kong and flying to Thailand.

So far, so good. I only need to book a place for the last few days in Hong Kong.

Oh, and in other news, my Visa for India seems to have been approved. I received a UPS shipping confirmation from the agency.

It should arrive at my parent’s place tomorrow and then they can send it over to Mexico with DHL.

I hope this all goes well, but it seems I’m on track. Crisis averted.