Let it go – the figures

And this is what my journey looks like if you break it down into figures and statistics: In figures, I was… travelling a total of 185.608 km flying 105.991 miles (or 170.576 km) by plane taking 55.000 pictures driving 9.195 km by car or bus riding 5.280 km by train sailing 557 km by ferry and […] Read More

Meet the cockroach…

Cockroaches can be found all over the world, and I have met my fair share of them on this trip.  They love to live in hot climate (and I’m traveling through summer) and find tons to eat in our trash. You can’t really get rid of them. Cynics say that the only surviving beings after a […] Read More

Why solo is best

A lot of people ask me if I don’t feel alone, traveling such a long time by myself, 420 days now. If I don’t miss my home and my friends. Truth be told, there’s too much happening to really miss something or someone. It’s like an adrenaline rush of new things. I hardly have time […] Read More


It took some time to remember the name of the place. Kha-ju-ra-ho. Funnily, even Indians sometimes shrug when I say it – or maybe I am mispronouncing it so badly that they can’t understand me. It’s a tiny nest of some 20 000 inhabitants, in the Chhatarpur District, in the North of the Indian State of Madhya […] Read More

Varanasi evening

The flight with Air India was smooth, and I caught a prepaid taxi to the center. It was quite a wild drive over a rural road, with little villages lined up like pearls on a string. Despite being rural, the traffic was tough to navigate: the usual cars, busses, motor cycles, cows and pedestrians, just […] Read More

Bangkok spending

And here are the details on the budget spent in Bangkok. Again, this city is not really comparable, as I did not have to spend anything for accommodation, thanks to Daria’s generosity. I had a top-notch place with pool, without ruining myself. A hotel would have cost around 200 Euro. So here are the final […] Read More

My Indian itinerary

It took quite some time to figure out my Indian itinerary. Most of all because there is so much to see, but I haven’t really read anything. As usual I am not interested in India now, I was in Hong Kong, now Bangkok, I just can’t be bothered to read about a future stop. Alas, […] Read More

Taking on India

I feel like the booking of flights and hotels and stuff never stops. Now I am taking on India. This is the country I have most respect for, as I do not know what to expect, except many people and in-your-face experiences… So far, I have secured a hotel for 5 days in Mumbai, in […] Read More

My Bangkok home

As I had to make a stop in Bangkok anyway on the way to Mumbai, I added a few days to the trip. I’ll have 7 days in Thailands capital. I was looking for a hotel to stay, and got in touch with my friend and former colleague Daria. We worked together for the Press […] Read More


The past days have been spent in Cafés with wifi, in order to (re-)plan the next weeks. Luckily, my credit card is up and running again, so I can actually make all these bookings. I urgently needed to find a place to stay in Hong Kong after the China visit fell through. Extending my Airbnb […] Read More

The cost of Non-China

So, Will has cancelled all the bookings. He will go up north to inspect a factory they work with, but basically only a day trip. We came out of this non-Visa situation relatively ok. We only had to pay: – 240 RMB to cancel the train tickets – 82 USD for my room (first night plus […] Read More