Meet the cockroach…

Cockroaches can be found all over the world, and I have met my fair share of them on this trip.  They love to live in hot climate (and I’m traveling through summer) and find tons to eat in our trash. You can’t really get rid of them.

Cynics say that the only surviving beings after a nuclear winter or a meteorite impact would be cockroaches. And Cher. Those buggers survive everything.

I saw them in the streets of Melbourne in the January heat wave, and in Sydney, crawl around in Istanbul and thrive in the streets of Tel Aviv – where I laid a chemical defense system around my door after one tried to walk in with me from the street….

I saw them in Mexico, Hong Kong and in Bangkok, where Daria and I chased one for 45 minutes through the apartment until Daria swung the broom and the little bugger hit his premature demise.

And I saw them in my apartment in Cape Town. First only one, some nights ago. I had let the window open and thought it might have wandered in.

I got some spray the other day, sprayed around in the corners and hoped for chemical deterrence to work. Which it seemed to, until last night.

Then I saw one running in the apartment before bedtime (killed), and went to sleep with the light on… and then, in a short, short night without sleep, saw three more in my bedroom, running over the ceiling. Tried to kill them (two) and chasing them (one) until the spray was empty – and I probably inhaled enough myself.

So I sat there on the bed from 3.30 in the morning till about 7, on my bed, eyeing all corners for other intruders, till I fell asleep at sunrise. Somehow I think they don’t ‘work’ during the day – so I slept at least a bit.

I mailed my host right in the night to inform him about the situation, this obviously needed professional treatment. And I started to check my options for hotels on the internet.

Turned out hotels were not too expensive for the next days, and in the morning my host already mailed me. We agreed it would be best to cancel the remaining days, Airbnb would refund me the 50% of the nights and he would privately refund me the remaining money. That was really generous.

So in the morning I booked a hotel, packed my stuff (making sure no blind passenger would be on board) and settled over to my new downtown hotel.

It’s sad to leave Bo Kaap and my nice apartment, it was really cozy and great to have all the amenities of a real apartment, vs. a hotel room. But my good night’s sleep is definitely worth it.

Crisis averted. Problem solved. But another day in Cape Town went by with other stuff than seeing anything from this city, and on top with maybe 2.5 hour sleep tops I am really knocked out.

Still, I want to go to the top of table mountain tonight and see the sunset. I need to do something nice.