wifiThe past days have been spent in Cafés with wifi, in order to (re-)plan the next weeks. Luckily, my credit card is up and running again, so I can actually make all these bookings.

I urgently needed to find a place to stay in Hong Kong after the China visit fell through. Extending my Airbnb wasn’t possible as it was already booked. It’s a fair place, but after a week the fact that there is no window got to me, too.

So I decided that I would first go to Macau, the other ex-colonial Special Administrative Region (SAR), roughly one hour away by boat.

I’ll stay there for one night, to have a look at this former Portuguese outpost, and head back to Hong Kong on Friday evening.

Finding a place for the other nice days in Hong Kong proved to be more of a challenge. I had never looked for a place on that short notice.

The problem is that not all Airbnb hosts respond right away. I requested one booking but they never came back to me. But I don’t have time to waste.

There are also not many places left to book in my price range (e.g. dirt cheap) that sounded acceptable and had good ratings.

It came down to only a few here on the Island, and a bunch of others on the other side, in Kowloon. My preference was the Island, though.

In the end, luck came to help. Suddenly, as another requested booking fell through, a new one appeared, a whole apartment, in the area I wanted and at an acceptable (even downright great) price. I mailed Henri right away.

He was stunned that he had a request for a booking 5 minutes after he put his add up. He’s a flight attendant for Cathay Pacific and flying out to London, then going on holiday. Perfect timing.

That’s secured then. I feel relieved.

And during all this, at the same time, I

– looked up places to stay in Bangkok, following recommendations of a friend and my former Colleague, Daria, who lives there now;

– checked flights within India, to have an idea what to expect;

– mailed back and forth with my Brazilian friend Awen who is already traveling in India and with whom I’ll meet up in Varanasi in November.

Trust me, I’m out- and over-booked…. But ok, things start to fall into place for this.

But in South Africa I am happy and proud to stay in Cape Town and only there and rent a great place for the whole month!