Hong Kong Dumpling heaven

I try to post less food pics here, as people have complained ūüėČ Not really. ¬†But this one has to be: I found the perfect Dumpling places in Hong Hong, and enjoyed some great Ramen. I love dumplings and Dim Sum, but for a vegetarian they are kind of tricky, as you never know what’s […] Read More

Hong Kong Budget

It was damn, damn¬†expensive. Period. Not only was the accommodation expensive from the start, but I needed to quickly find a place to stay once the China trip fell through. I had two hotels, one in Macau, one for the last few days in Hong Kong. Both were deals, but still way over my usual […] Read More

Next stop: Bangkok

What can I say? Here I go again, the next stop: Bangkok! Flight 31 to Bangkok Date:¬†5/11/2014 Code: TG601 from HKG to BKK Airline: Thai Airways Plane:¬†Boeing¬†747-400 Distance flown: 1115 Miles Duration:¬†2h21 Flew in a 747 again. They’re getting rare as most of them get decommissioned and replaced by newer planes. They are fun. Loud, […] Read More

Hong Kong mood(s)

Every city has its own rhythm, its own pace and its own moods. And I react to it. Some cities have me active and running around, never asleep. Some have me in a lazy mood, where I don’t seem to get anything ‘done’. As far as I have anything to ‘do’. My mood in Hong […] Read More


Hong Kong is like one big construction site. Streets are being torn up and closed, houses torn down and replaced with new, ever higher apartment towers. Hong Kong does not have much pity or sympathy with its older, historic buildings. I would estimate 80% of buildings are not much older than the 1970s… The hammering […] Read More

South China Sea

I did a few trips around Hong Kong Island, to Middle Bay Beach, and to Stanley, a little town on the South coast of Hong Kong Island. It’s famous for its Stanley Market, which left me a bit unimpressed though. It’s a market full of the usual trinkets, clothes and stuff you can basically find […] Read More

Tian Tan Buddha

I met up with my new Irish friend Connor, who is here on a business trip, and we headed out to Lantau Island, to see the big Buddha statue on one of the mountain tops, the mighty Tian Tan Buddha. Also simply called¬†the Big Buddha, is a large bronze statue of a Buddha¬†Amoghasiddhi, on¬†Lantau Island, […] Read More

Skyline at night

I went to Kowloon to find the Water Front Park, to see the Hong Kong skyline at night. It’s still a bit of an adventure walk, as you have to crawl through construction sites of the future West Kowloon Cultural District A part of it is ready though, and it’s perfect to hang out on […] Read More

Occupy Hong Kong

Everybody asks how it is in Hong Kong, about the protest of Occupy Hong Kong. My mom warned me not to go to places with many people (a difficult task in a tiny city state with 7 million people…) Fact is: I haven’t seen or felt anything of the protests. Strictly nada. Ok, I heard […] Read More


I joined the Movember movement! No, it’s not a typo. I’m going to grow a mustache! On my way to one of the small coffee shops with strong coffee and strong wifi I noticed a change from a few days back: one of the beautiful paintings on the side of a gallery had been replaced […] Read More

My new place in HK

Coming back from Macau yesterday, I also had to check in into a new airbnb place, this time a bit higher up on the hill, but still in the same area. Henri’s friend Ivy greeted me downstairs, all sweaty after pulling up my damn heavy luggage for a couple of blocks. I found a great […] Read More


The past days have been spent in Caf√©s with wifi, in order to (re-)plan the next weeks. Luckily, my credit card is up and running again, so I can actually make all these bookings. I urgently needed to find a place to stay in Hong Kong after the China visit fell through. Extending my Airbnb […] Read More