My new place in HK

Coming back from Macau yesterday, I also had to check in into a new airbnb place, this time a bit higher up on the hill, but still in the same area.

Henri’s friend Ivy greeted me downstairs, all sweaty after pulling up my damn heavy luggage for a couple of blocks.

I found a great place: Henri’s apartment is small (as it’s normal for Hong Kong), but great. I have a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and a living room, and, killer: a balcony!

I’m going to feel very well here for the next 10 days.

It was nice to be back after two days in much more quiet Macau. I realized how much more buzzing and international HK is. Ok, it is ten times bigger, but also much more diverse…

There are the Chinese neighborhoods and areas like Soho with the cool hip expats bars, then the business center with all the bankers… all in a weird mix.

It’s much more diverse ethnically. In Macau there were a few European tourists, and maybe a handful from other origins, but that was it. At least compared to the old part of Macau where I stayed. The Casino world might be a whole different thing. HK is much more a truly global mix.

I like it even more as by now I do start to connect to the places and know where I am without having to look at the map all the time.

I just went out for a few drinks by myself in one of my favorite bars, Time, which has a nice little backyard to sit or stand, and is a generally relaxed place without attitude.