Hong Kong Budget

It was damn, damn expensive. Period.

Not only was the accommodation expensive from the start, but I needed to quickly find a place to stay once the China trip fell through.

I had two hotels, one in Macau, one for the last few days in Hong Kong. Both were deals, but still way over my usual accommodation budget.

Second post, really embarrassing: the expenses for going out to restaurants and bars. I spent to much there. Alcohol is expensive, and a couple of drinks add up quickly.

Cultural activities were embarrassingly low this time, I didn’t go to many museums. I rather wandered into one of the many free galleries on Hollywood road…

All in all, here is what I spent:

1000  €  accommodation
650     €  eating out & drinks
95        €  supermarkets
50        €  transport
50        €  other expenses (phone, etc…)
10        €  cultural activities, entry fees, etc…

It comes to 1855 Euro, 355 over my projected budget.

This included the expenses in Macau. Macau has its own currency, the Pataca, or, as its international abbreviation says, the MOP$.

As the MOP$ is pegged to the Hong Kong Dollar at a rate of 1:1.03, Macau does accept the Hong Kong Dollar in daily life.

Change will be given in Patacas though. I simply treated it as one currency here.

It was cute though, and the remaining MOP$ will make a nice souvenir of a micro-currency.

Add to all that the cost of not going to China, this month was expensive, and seriously over budget. I hope Bangkok and India will provide some relief.

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