Indian Visa, round two

Just when I thought the visa for India is on track, I get this email from the agency dealing with it, basically saying… well, what exactly?

The following Documents are incomplete:-
1)proof of address not acceptable, if not resident of san francisco is not able to apply tourist visa to india.
2) provide legal valid Visa status in u.s, not accepeting visa application for U.S tourist visa holder, if you are U.S tourist visa holder please request withdrawn passport and application.

The first point is utter BS, as the office is responsible for all western US states, not San Francisco residents, so I dismissed this quickly.

Point two sounded like someone had used Google translate. Really, 80$ and then this?

I could get the gist: despite both the Indian consulates website and the Agency’s website saying that I should normally apply for my visa in Berlin, they gladly went through with the application, and made me fill out several non-residency forms… just to tell me it would not work?

Only solution: go to the agency in the morning, try to sort it out or get the passport back asap. And that’s what we did.

After a long wait in the morning, it turned out that no, I can’t apply for the visa. They will refund most of the fees (what I didn’t expect, so thanks for that) but a single clear sentence on the site stating that it is NOT possible to apply if you are in the Us as a tourist (it seems business travelers can apply).

Anyway, so I spent the rest of that beautiful sunny day locked in, filled out a number of forms I had already filled out, that would go to the same agency in Berlin this time, and brought it all to the post office. Another 46 $ to get that stuff there F/A/S/T.

We will see if this works out. Maybe I overlooked something again, maybe I did not calculate and transfer the correct fee, or filled out a form badly.

Honestly, in that case, India will not happen on this trip.

Sorry about the ranting, but this whole things has cost me THREE beautiful California days in total, I couldn’t meet friends and do things I wanted to do… When there are so many other countries to visit.

I’ll keep you posted.

PS: I got another bunch of gibberish emails about my (already withdrawn) application and forms I have to send them and stuff. Three today. Thank God I got my passport out of there right away.