My adventure and love affair with California started a bit over 7 years ago when I did a sabbatical to attend some summer courses in Berkeley.

For three months, I lived in San Francisco and took Bart to Berkeley every day to attend my classes in American Politics 101 and Digital Photography.

It was basically an excuse to get the sabbatical signed off, but I thoroughly enjoyed those classes.

They revived my love for photography again, and I got a way better understanding of the works of American Politics than ever before.

I really enjoyed the time on the campus in Berkeley, the Bart ride, the weather suddenly being 20 degrees warmer than in foggy San Francisco, the exchanges with students, much younger than me, the open and free atmosphere on a leftist campus like Berkeley.


Each time I am back at the bay, I tend to go back for one afternoon to roam through the shops on Telegraph Avenue, mostly the amazing record stores like Amoeba and Rasputin Music.

I also always go for a coffee or a Thai lunch with my friend Kurt. We met seven years ago, but we still manage to meet at least once each visit, and keep the conversation going.

So this time, just like every year, I hung out on campus again, and for a moment wished I was a student again, here, on one of the best universities in the world, studying…. maybe something absolutely off the path like astronomy. Or art.

Maybe one day I will, I’m sure they have a seniors citizen’s program…