Visa application

I spent the last two days assembling my visa application for India.

Honestly, without Renato’s patience and help, I would not have made it.

It’s a cumbersome, bureaucratic, ridiculous process. The embassy has outsourced the check of the documents to a private company, which only forward the complete, correctly filled out applications to the embassy.

However, the websites of the embassy and the agency do not correspond, there are no guidelines on how to compose the whole dossier. The sites contradict, each step comes up with a new document to fill out, or print, and you have to piece it all together.

Stuff like this drives me crazy. I have absolutely no patience for these things, and had I not already bought my ticket, I might just have scrapped India from this trip. Renato’s patience saved it.

I hope my application is complete and it will work. I’ll probably be in Mexico City by the time the passport comes back, but Renato, Dennis and Lisa will visit me in two weeks and can bring it.

If not, I’ll have to come up with an alternative.

The downside to that all is that I am not sure I can make it into mainland China, another country where I need a Visa. I can get into Hong Kong without one, but not into the mainland. I’ll have to see how I’ll do this, but I’ll have to wait until I get my passport back.

On the other side, I need to decide on Hong Kong relatively fast I need to book my room there.

India Visa