As the idea for this trip took shape, and I was trying to figure out what to do during all the time in these different cities, I had the idea: I could volunteer in different places. Volunteering would not only mean I’d make some kind of – minimal – contribution to the country or city […] Read More

The cost of Non-China

So, Will has cancelled all the bookings. He will go up north to inspect a factory they work with, but basically only a day trip. We came out of this non-Visa situation relatively ok. We only had to pay: – 240 RMB to cancel the train tickets – 82 USD for my room (first night plus […] Read More

Stuck in HK

I have spent the past days trying to assemble everything for the visa application to China. If you followed the story for India, or lived through it with me like Renato did in SF, you know this stuff makes me lose patience quickly. Different instructions on websites, unclear procedures, all for a paranoid government protecting… […] Read More

Got it

The trip can go ahead as planned. Today, the Visa for India arrived from Germany, with DHL. Some 200 Euros for the whole process. Better be worth it… I’m still getting weird messages from the Agency in San Francisco, wanting me to fill-out a non-attached form in order to re-fund me, and not responding since… Read More

Indian Visa, round two

Just when I thought the visa for India is on track, I get this email from the agency dealing with it, basically saying… well, what exactly? The following Documents are incomplete:- 1)proof of address not acceptable, if not resident of san francisco is not able to apply tourist visa to india. 2) provide legal valid […] Read More