I took the speed ferry this morning to Macau. As I could not find a place to stay on Airbnb before Friday, and hotels were way too expensive (and I’m really not into dorms and hostels anymore), I decided to take the trip to Macau now. The boat ride took about an hour, through the […] Read More

Reclamation Street Market

It was finally time to visit the other part of town: Kowloon, on the mainland. I took the ferry from downtown that brings you over the Victoria Harbour in less than 10 minutes. The views on Hong Kong are fantastic. If it weren’t for the smog over the harbor and all around. It was hard […] Read More

Comida mexicana

It’s not as hard as I feared to be a vegetarian in Mexico. I have found enough to eat, and I can always get a vegetarian version of traditional Mexican food. I always mix up the names; with all the tortillas, tacos, empanadas, sopas, tostadas, flautas or sopes… To me it all seems to be a […] Read More

Lluvia mexicana

October is supposed to be a dry month in Mexico City. With the start of winter, the summer rains subside . This year though, it keeps raining. Several hurricanes have hit the Mexican coast, and while we don’t get them here in the capital, the remaining rain clouds cross the city and let it rain […] Read More

Coyoacán at night

I went out with Daniel for drinks in Roma, he showed me a couple of interesting places to explore. We ended up in a bar called Licorería Limantour, for some great cocktails. We talked a lot, in Spanish, as much as my limited linguistic skills permitted, then switched back to Inglés. Later on, Daniel took […] Read More

Military Parade

This morning I watched the start of the military parade on the Zócalo on TV, and heard the military jets thunder over the city. I headed out and over to Paseo de la Reforma, the big axis in Mexico City, just at my doorstep. Thousands of Mexicans already lined the street, waiting for the parade to […] Read More

Trivia night

Daniel and I went to Poco, a nice bar on Cap Hill with great wines and some delicious food – I love their truffled Mac ‘n cheese! – and had a great time with the owner and some guests last week. So this Monday was Trivia night, and after a quick bite at Tacos El Asadero, […] Read More

Return to normal

Since I arrived in Montreal, basically since I sat down with Brandon for a beer, 30 minutes after arriving, Montreal has been one big ride… beers, festivals, DJs, restaurants, friends, dinners, more music, road trips… I am a bit out of breath. Lisa, Brian and Marisa left Sunday morning for NYC, and Renato, Dennis and […] Read More

Over eaters

Lisa, Brian, Marisa and I started the day in a cute diner on Mont Royal: Beauty’s Luncheonette, a Montréal institution since 1942. While waiting for our table, we chatted with the host, a 94-old weasel who made sure everyone was seated. He had passed on the torch of cooking to his son long ago, but he’s probably […] Read More

Is it kosher?

I am a vegetarian. Ovo-lacto. So I do eat eggs, drink milk, I love cheese. No fish though. It’s not a plant. I love Mediterranean cuisine… The vegetables, the olive oil, the pasta, the tabbouleh, the meze…. keep ’em coming! And there’s always a falafel place somewhere close-by. And here I love the kosher version of […] Read More


Sven arrived on Thursday afternoon. He’s staying in the Hilton, right on the beach, with all the boys, and of course on the top floor, with a great view over Tel Aviv. Leave it to him to find a deal, get upgrades and end up in the hot spots… He has been to Tel Aviv […] Read More

Summertime slowness

I slept in today, while Sue was up for getting a pedicure on Sheinkin Street in a little beauty parlor…. When I got up, I went over to the Dizengoff shopping mall to get tickets for the Rolling Stones who will be playing their first ever gig here on Wednesday. However, the queue was enormous […] Read More