Renovation time

Ok, it’s time to renovate the look of this blog! As the journey is over, and I won’t be posting much more on here, I’ll work on a new layout, making the different cities more accessible. So forgive if the site may look a bit weird in parts, I am working on adapting the posts […] Read More

The hidden costs

Yesterday wrote about the total cost for all the flights. Today, it’s time for a bit of background spending on such a trip. Don’t underestimate the hidden side costs, as they too add up quickly. Just in case…. Insurances One of the biggest posts here would be insurances. I kept my health insurance through work, […] Read More

Blog statistics

When I started writing this blog I had a couple of different motivations. First of all I wanted to keep a diary, for myself, but also for friends and family at home, to see what I am doing. And for practical reasons of not having to write the same emails over and over again with […] Read More

Liebster Award

Slowly, the blog has been gaining readers. I can see the clicks rise, a little here, a little there, then fall again…. But I can definitely see my followers on Twitter increase a lot lately, and it’s not only people who follow me back, but people that seem to discover me, somehow. It is a great […] Read More

Slow site

It seems that my site is running slow at the moment, especially the picture galleries. Darn! I have no idea why, it started when I updated to the newest WordPress software and the adaptation of the template. I’ll look into it. But I’m no IT expert. So the site might look different in the next […] Read More

The spammers are here…

… so they have discovered my blog and keep posting nonsense in the comments. I had to turn on the moderation. So whenever you make a comment now, I’ll have to approve it first, sorry. And work my way through heaps of spam messages. Maybe I should use a captcha? Thoughts on this? In the comments, please […] Read More

IT wonder

I’m an IT genius after all. I can’t believe I got this blog up and running. Ok, still a few things to sort out, but when I first read the instructions on word press, I was like: what? I could not comprehend what they were trying to tell me… I felt sooo last century. I […] Read More