My itinerary (all in one)

The journey is over. Here is an overview of my itinerary, all in one post. First of all, here it is, all in one single map. Zoom in to follow me on my different trips. The dates and links to the cities I lived in are below.   Leg 1 03/10-20/10 Rio de Janeiro 20/10-27/10 Sao Paulo […] Read More

The Best?

Inevitably, the question everybody asks after a trip around the world is: where did you like it best? And it is impossible to answer. I wanted to refuse to answer it. The questions is so… reductive. It tries to narrow down the richness of a month’s experiences in a city, all the things I’ve seen, […] Read More

My final budget

After publishing the break-down of my expenses in the different categories, from itinerary costs to groceries, insurances to eating out, here’s the final, overview. The ultimate budget of this whole crazy trip, all in all, every Euro, Dollar, Lira, Shekel, Peso, Yen, Rand, Real, Baht or Rupie I spent, as far as I managed to record […] Read More

542 days

This is a somewhat simplified graphic representation of my journey. It took 542 days, between leaving Brussels by train, to head to my parents, and landing in the European capital again, 18 months later. According to Google maps, I travelled roughly 165.850 kilometers, however the actual figure is higher due to to longer actual flight paths, […] Read More

Do it again?!

As this trip is coming to an end, I keep thinking of other projects. Maybe it’s something I need to focus on, to bridge the return to real life. Well, first there’s the Madonna Tour 2015, which will be announced on 2 March, and I am already freaking out…. If the dates fit well with potential […] Read More


I realized: I have actually completed my second round of circling the globe.  Even though I am not back in Europe, I am more or less on the same longitude. Here are the coordinates: Cape Town, South Africa: 33°55′ S, 18°22′ E Tel Aviv, Israel: 32°5′ N, 34°48′ E I am some 16° west of Tel Aviv […] Read More

RTW #2

I booked my second RTW ticket. I’ve been on and off the phone and Skype with the Lufthansa Round-the-world desk in Frankfurt in the past couple of days. It took a bit longer this time, but they’ve been super helpful as ever. It took more time, especially deciding where I wanted to go in Asia, […] Read More

RTW Part Two

On we go… I had the rough itinerary in my mind for a long time, but it took a couple of intense sessions of playing around with the Star Alliance Round the World App to figure it out… But here it is, the projected itinerary for the second trip around the globe, starting in June […] Read More