Shopping for the desert

Burning Man is only a few days away and I am busy assembling my stuff. I’ll get my tent from Brandon, the bike from Dennis, I still need an air mattress (and pump) some airtight containers (against the dust) and a few smaller things. I’m testing the bike tires right now and will go on […] Read More

Home to SFO

And my time in Seattle is over, too. I am heading down to San Francisco. Flight 27 to San Francisco Date: 18/08/2014 Code: UA1698 from SEA to SFO Airline: United Airlines Plane: Boeing 737-900 Distance flown: 775 Miles Duration: 1h32 The flight was ok, I was a bit late at the airport. I’m a bit bummed […] Read More

Tales of my city

I woke up and checked my emails, I had one from my credit card, stating that Amazon had charged me with a purchase over night. What? I was asleep… Then it dawned on me: my download of the latest Tales of the city novel had arrived. I read the Tales in 2005 I think. A […] Read More

Xmas in SFO

On Thursday, I arrived well in time for the little dinner Renato and Dennis had prepared for me and our friends Lisa, her parents Nancy and Jim, and Brandon. We had ham, rice, Brussels sprouts, salads, cheese and lots of wine. I managed to stay awake quite long, despite the 5 hour jet lag from […] Read More

Aviation guardian angel

When I booked the connection from Santiago to San Francisco via Toronto and Los Angeles, I already had a hunch. This would be tight. You have to factor in delays, the time at immigration and customs, the transfers etc, etc. I had mailed all my itineraries and booking codes to my friend Renato, with whom […] Read More

Off to San Francisco

The next few days will see a lot of traveling. Five flights in total, the first three lead me to San Francisco for a pit stop on my way to Australia, and to meet up with old friends… Here are the stats: Flight 7 to Toronto Date: 25/12/2013 Code: AC93 from SCL to YYZ Airline: Air Canada […] Read More