Street Food hunt

I met up with Shashank, a freelance TV producer, who is currently preparing a documentary for a TV team from Singapore, on Mumbai’s street food vendors. I simply went along for the ride, as he figured out a few places and family businesses that would be willing to be interviewed. First stop: Chowpatty Beach, a […] Read More

Bangkok arrival

My flight was easy, and I arrived in the late afternoon at Daria’s place. It turned out to be one of the most impressive and sought after apartment towers in Bangkok, on the renowned Langsuan Road. It’s like entering another world, guards open the door and salute, the entry hall alone is impressive with its […] Read More

Hong Kong Dumpling heaven

I try to post less food pics here, as people have complained 😉 Not really.  But this one has to be: I found the perfect Dumpling places in Hong Hong, and enjoyed some great Ramen. I love dumplings and Dim Sum, but for a vegetarian they are kind of tricky, as you never know what’s […] Read More

More Macau and its markets

My second day pretty much evolved like the first: random wandering through Macau’s old town and sniffing around markets, food stands, museums and other random places I wandered into. I walked south this time, over to the Church of Sao Lazaro, walked into a dragon procession with firecrackers, over to the another food market and […] Read More


I took the speed ferry this morning to Macau. As I could not find a place to stay on Airbnb before Friday, and hotels were way too expensive (and I’m really not into dorms and hostels anymore), I decided to take the trip to Macau now. The boat ride took about an hour, through the […] Read More

Reclamation Street Market

It was finally time to visit the other part of town: Kowloon, on the mainland. I took the ferry from downtown that brings you over the Victoria Harbour in less than 10 minutes. The views on Hong Kong are fantastic. If it weren’t for the smog over the harbor and all around. It was hard […] Read More

Comida mexicana

It’s not as hard as I feared to be a vegetarian in Mexico. I have found enough to eat, and I can always get a vegetarian version of traditional Mexican food. I always mix up the names; with all the tortillas, tacos, empanadas, sopas, tostadas, flautas or sopes… To me it all seems to be a […] Read More

Coyoacán at night

I went out with Daniel for drinks in Roma, he showed me a couple of interesting places to explore. We ended up in a bar called Licorería Limantour, for some great cocktails. We talked a lot, in Spanish, as much as my limited linguistic skills permitted, then switched back to Inglés. Later on, Daniel took […] Read More