More Macau and its markets

My second day pretty much evolved like the first: random wandering through Macau’s old town and sniffing around markets, food stands, museums and other random places I wandered into.

I walked south this time, over to the Church of Sao Lazaro, walked into a dragon procession with firecrackers, over to the another food market and the inner harbor, with China on the other side, and over to have at least a view on Macau’s landmark, the Macau Tower.

And then I walked into another local market again. The usual food kitchens, vegetable, meat and food stands. This market even had some live poultry, probably killed for you on the spot, as well as the usual fish tanks.

I’m a vegetarian, and I do feel for these poor creatures. On the other hand, I think we, in the West, have just rendered the way we treat the animals we eat invisible, delegating the act of killing them to big factories.

Here, it is all much more immediate and in-you-face. There were these fish heads on the table of one of the stands, and I saw one still moved, looked like he was gasping for oxygen. I sincerely hope this was just a reflex… in any case it won’t get any fresher that this!

Then, while I filmed that, a fish tried to escape his fate, but was caught without much ado. Don’t watch it if you’re fragile to this…

I wonder what is the better way. At least when you see it, you are more aware of the animal, and it’s not just a burger that comes out of the freezer.