Canberra war memorial

Every town in Australia has its war memorial, big or small, and the memories of the Great War are kept fresh, especially during the centennial. So I visited Australia’s official war memorial in Canberra, a bit up on the hill, overlooking the city and down Constitution Avenue, on the Old Parliament building, and the new […] Read More


While I am traveling around the world, I do realize I miss a lot of things in Europe, which I have deliberately left out of this trip. 3 August 2014 though is a day that I regret not spending on my home continent. It’s the centenary of the German declaration of war on France, hours […] Read More

Being German in Israel

Visiting Israel as a German will never be a totally normal thing to do. Mostly because you do not know what to expect. When I first visited two years ago for the start of the last Madonna tour, I was a bit nervous about people’s reactions. And I would have understood if people acted weird, […] Read More

That day

When I was a kid, I read this book with stories from the children in Hiroshima who survived the explosion, at least long enough to tell their story. Where they were on what they simply called ‘that day’, what they did when they saw that bright light, when they flew through the air, when they […] Read More

War memorial

We walked over to downtown and passed a park with the huge WWI war memorial. While Europe is preparing for the centennial commemorations of one of its biggest tragedies this year, we realized that this war really was a word-wide conflict. Some 16600 kilometers away from the battle fields, most Australian towns will have a […] Read More