War memorial

We walked over to downtown and passed a park with the huge WWI war memorial.

While Europe is preparing for the centennial commemorations of one of its biggest tragedies this year, we realized that this war really was a word-wide conflict. Some 16600 kilometers away from the battle fields, most Australian towns will have a war memorial, and remember their dead.

It was the first war that Australia fought in support for its British mother country, sending troops into the fields of Flanders, with so many not coming back.

The memorial, called the Shrine of remembrance, is a serene place, a huge dome, dark, silent. The books with the names of the dead soldiers are displayed in the walkways around the central hall. A visitor’s centre has some great informative exhibitions, I will come back to this later this month.

You can also climb on top of the memorial, and you’ll be rewarded with a great view on Melbourne and its skyline.