Japan budget

Japan is expensive, that’s what you hear.

Well, not that much, actually. Twenty years of deflation have left a mark in their price levels. As did the recent depreciation of the Yen against the Euro, losing 40% within a couple of months.

If you have visited London, New York or San Francisco, you won’t find the daily expenses of your visit to be outrageous.

I was really afraid of seriously stretching my budget in Japan, but I came out totally fine. Ok, I did not indulge in any shopping, except for a bag pack and two exhibition catalogues. I ate Ramen every day, paying between 500 ¥ and 1000 ¥, four to seven Euro.

My rooms were not overly expensive either. And even the hotels I had in Hiroshima and Tokyo in the end were outright cheap, for I would have paid double in London for a room that would probably have been even smaller.

So in total, here’s the monthly spending for Japan:

1390 €  Hotels and Accommodation
630   €  Eating out & drinks
230   €  Transport, taxis, etc…
210   €  Supermarkets
130   €  Cultural activities, entry fees, etc…
90     €  Other expenses

Transport costs were higher though, I did not spend too much on taxis, but my metro cards needed a daily recharging, which added up.

I did not get phone chips in Japan, which was saving some money – but sometimes quite a hassle to find a free wifi.

In total, I spend 2680 €, coming in below budget! I would never have thought!

In addition, I spent 340 € on the Japan Rail pass for the free traveling throughout the JR network, but I add this to the general itinerary cost of my trip, like the plane tickets…

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