Arabian Pool Party

Sunday night Daria took me to the farewell party for her friend Cate, an Australian diplomat, whose time in Bangkok is up.

Arabian Pool Party

Her friend Imane from Morocco organized an amazing party at the pool, with music, amazing food, endless drinks, dance performances and, the top, a smoke machine.

I don’t think this party can be topped in a long time. There was even a Henna artist  who drew beautiful tattoos on our bodies. We danced, drank and had an amazing time.

Arabian Pool Party 3

The group was mostly friends an colleagues, mostly working for different United Nations offices.

So instead of the work acronyms starting with EU- like in Brussels, I learned about a few new UN acronyms I hadn’t known about before.

Arabian Pool Party 2

Throw in a few people from embassies and you have pretty much the same mix as back home. I met some great people. It was a bit like being back in Brussels – except for the amazing weather.