In my life, I’ve only been drunk to the point of being sick twice. Once in college, in Bruges, where I decided Vodka mixed with Gin would be a good idea, and once a few years later where I could’t stomach a mixture of wine, beer and weed.

Yesterday was #3. Not too bad, considering I’m 40 now.

I first met up with Hannah and her friends at her place, for some great stir fry and lots of Chilean red wine, a yummy Cabernet and a great Syrah….

But, as everybody has to work on Friday, except me, I went on afterwards to Bellavista and met up with Sebastian, in a little bar, for a bottle of Champagne (error #1 – I know I should not mix, but stay with one kind of drink…)

With Gustavo and Sebastián
With Gustavo and Sebastián

We were joined by Seb’s best friend Gustavo – whom I missed by only a few days on my road trip through New Zealand. We took off to Fausto, a bar with a very popular Thursday night party.

The place was packed and we danced, to a couple of Gin Tonic (error #2). At about 4 am, the two got me home in Gustavo’s car. Thank god. I was drunk, but felt ok.

Not for long though, I ended the night in the bathroom, for an unknown amount of time.

Fausto 7

Today, I slept till about 2 pm, then hung around till 5, then dragged myself out for a tea in a Café.

I’m feeling better now – it’s Friday night, nearly 11… time to go out. But somehow I think I need a break. I can’t really smell alcohol.

I do go out a lot on this trip. Much, much more than ever, in Brussels. I guess one week on this trip sees me in more cafés and bars and clubs than in several months back home.

I eat a lot less on this trip – but I don’t feel I have lost much weight – I’m sure I compensated with a much higher alcohol intake.

I’m normally not a person who goes out much – my friends always complained how impossible it was to drag me out of my room, be it at school, during university, or in work life.

Maybe I’m compensating for this on this trip? I normally know my limit well, I know when to stop, when to say ‘no’ to that one last drink that will push me over the brink.

Maybe I’m just trying to max it out.