Descent into Brussels

I needed some time to recover from the Thursday night drinking binge.

I slept in on Friday, till early afternoon, and then just hung around the house, cleaning a few things, bringing the laundry to the washing service…. then having a tea on a terrace. It was a beautiful, warm day, but I really needed to take it slow.

I thought I’d go out a bit at night – but the thought of smelling alcohol wasn’t too enticing, and I stayed in and watched a movie on my laptop, Friday night or not. I am no longer that young, you gotta pay your price….

Saturday then saw me coffee hopping and meeting friends. First, breakfast with Jaime and his boyfriend, and a visit to the MAVI –  Museo de Artes Visuales.

After that, a stroll through Lastarria, and meeting another Jaime, who’s working for a PR company, and gave me another one-on-one Spanish lesson in a café.

My head is always swirling after such an encounter, where I have to speak Spanish non stop. But I really made great progress.

Over to Bellas Artes, to meet the first Jaime again, and to have dinner, on a beautiful roof top terrace restaurant, Azotea Matilde, in Bellavista, close to Pablo Neruda’s house, overlooking Santiago.

The food was excellent, as was the view and the company.

Finally, a taxi over to Hannah’s place and then on to meet a colleague of hers, who is leaving and going back to the US.

The little backyard was soon packed with chileans and Americans, gathering around the Pisco and the barbecue.

I left at around 4 in the morning – long before the others, but I still felt like I needed some sleep, after this weekend.

I was sitting among all these people during the day, taking it all in, the conversations, the coffee, the drinks… and I am feeling really nostalgic.

Every city has opened its doors and hearts so easily, but Santiago especially was extremely welcoming, and making me feel at home here.

Tick-tock… the last week in Santiago has started, soon I’m on my way to Buenos Aires. Looking forward to it, but right now my life seems to be filled of ‘last times’ and good-bye’s.

I feel like I hear the voice over the loudspeakers: “We have begun our descent into Brussels. Please make sure please make sure your seat backs and tray tables are in their full upright position, your seat belt is securely fastened and all carry-on luggage is stowed underneath the seat in front of you…