Santa Lucia

Lazy day. I spent it in Parque Forestal, in a café and then on the Santa Lucia hill, reading under a palm tree.

Santa Lucia is a small hill in the heart of Santiago, a steep climb with a nice view, and a couple of fountains. It is the heart of the city of Santiago.

It is called Santa Lucia after the day it was conquered, on 13 December 1541, by Pedro de Valdivia, founder of Santiago. It was used as a look-out at the time.

Up there, I finally finished a book called Heads in Beds, written by a guy who has worked in hotels for decades.

It’s a funny story of his life in hotels, with guests and bosses, and a number of tips about how to get an upgrade, or not pay for the mini bar…

Nothing else to report here, I simply enjoyed a quiet end of the weekend.