Meeting Meryl

It was a grey, rainy-ish day yesterday in Sydney so I went to the movies to finally see Meryl Streep in August: Osage County. It’s about a family reunion, and Meryl plays a sick pill addict. Prime stuff, like only she can do. It’s creepy, she’s so far out…. just brilliant. It won’t happen now, […]

Darlinghurst home

The flight was good, then I took the train from the airport, which got me into the center pretty fast. I dragged my luggage to my new temporary home – through Sydney’s rather old, elevator-less metro, saving the cab fare. I’m pretty central, very close to Oxford Street, in a little Airbnb home, with two […]

Returning to Sydney

Next flight coming up as I head back to Sydney for ten days on Monday. Here are the flight statistics: Flight 14 to Sydney Date: 01/02/2014 Code: QFA1020 from HBA to SYD Airline: Qantas Plane: Boeing 737-800 Distance flown: 744 Miles Duration: 1h35

Back to Sydney

I only had a two-day stint in Sydney, basically once walking throughout the park, to the Opera, and through Bondi, besides the fabulous NYE Party we had. I had to come back though to give it a second, more thorough look, so after Tasmania I will head over to Sydney for ten days. I will […]

NYE party

We had tickets for the best spot in town, a NYE party held on top of the Museum for Contemporary Arts, with a view over the harbor, the opera house and the bridge. It simply could not get any better than this. Watching the news and the crowds that had already gathered around the harbor, […]


On top of the Museum of Contemporary Art, we had the best view ever. The party was great, fun crowd, flowing bubbles, fun music, and the scenery simply cannot be topped. I took some 500 pictures… Watch out for a gallery soon.

Harbor trip

At sunset, we took one of the harbor ferries to bring us back to our Bondi home. And enjoy some spectacular views of the bridge and the Opera house at sunset. It is a quick ride of maybe 20 minutes, the ferry bringing you to strategic points along the bay. From there, dinner at Café […]

Arts & sights

We headed for the Art Gallery New South Wales, to see their permanent collection of modern Australian art, and a current exhibition on American painting. I don’t think I have ever seen Australian painters before. In a continent in discovery, arts and paintings were not necessarily the first thing on the settlers’ minds. A great […]

Down under

The flights to Australia were good. I am always a bit scared of flying, albeit I am fascinated by it. But night flights, especially over water, are a bit scary to me. Now I was looking at nearly 13 hours non-stop over water, with maybe one or the other secure landing strip in a couple […]

Heading south again

After a two-day stop in San Francisco, I’ll be heading south again today, to Auckland and then on to Sydney, where I will meet my friends Sven, Kevin and Rajiv from Brussels. This is going to be the longest flight so far. And I’ll fly over the international date line and skip a day. I […]

Bondi Beach

My friends Sven, Kevin and Rajiv are heading to Australia for the holidays, and I’ll meet up with them in time for New Year’s Eve in Sydney. I can’t wait…. Sven already organized a place! From there we will head to Melbourne on January 1st for another 10 days.