Cool Summer

It’s a cool, cool Melbourne summer.

Unlike last year when the temperatures hit 44 degrees for a couple of days in a row, this summer is markedly cooler. The first few days here were hot and I was at the pool every day.

But we also had a day of rain, and temperatures that warrant a jacket and long sleeves.

Artur and I wanted to see the sunset from Port Melbourne, alas it was too clouded, and mighty windy. Very Melbourne, as my friends say.

It’s good to see this side of the city. Melbourne is not sun-hugged as Sydney, or tropical as Cairns and Darwin.

It’s a cooler city, by a cold ocean.

We watched the ferry to Devonport leave Melbourne, for its overnight trip to Tasmania. On my next trip, I’ll take this ferry overnight and then drive through Tasmania, down to Hobart.

The cloudy skies made for some pretty impressive pictures. Can you feel the wind?