Eden, NSW

Finally, no rain! I left Lake Entrance quite early, and drove along the highway to Orbost, a bit inland, where I decided to make a little detour back to the coast and the small town of Marlo.

There I had a quick breakfast and a very short stroll along the coast. The snowy river hits the ocean in Marlo, and creates a big estuary, perfect for fishing, boating, water-skiing…

These beach towns are cute, but basically a collection of hotels, motels, and camping sites. Mostly one general store, and maybe one restaurant. The landscape is nice, but this feels really far off….

I made another quick stop at Cape Conran, and took in the view, but then decided I really hit the road and drove straight to Eden, in New South Wales, leaving Victoria behind me.

Again, this was a picturesque stretch of land, and Eden sits on top of a couple of beaches and cliffs. It’s a bit torn apart, as a city, but its long stretch of beach was really nice.

I walked along it for a while and even found a pool, built into the rocky shore. Unfortunately at was mostly filled with sand, poured into it by the crashing waves, so it was more of a kid’s pool, today.

In the evening, I had a pizza (in the only non-fish restaurant in town that was open on a Sunday night) and then went to my cabin, to watch a bit TV, blog, and write a few emails.

I was knocked out though and in bed at around 10. Those drives do take a lot of energy.